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dinoDos Start Level BUS Pump

A smart pump for the AquaTouch+

dinoDos pumps interface directly with the AquaTouch+ via a BUS cable.   They are low voltage pumps that operate at 24VDC supplied by the controller, so no outlets need to be present at the install location.  Communication with the AquaTouch+ means that the controller directly regulates the rotational speed of the roller assembly, thereby enhancing the proportional feed and saving you chemical.   In the event of a feed tube failure, the controller is notified - and with dinoRemote, you are too!  Rather than waiting for the pool to get out of balance before realizing a failure has occured, you simply get an email on your device notifying you that a feed tube requires replacement immediately after it happens.

With a stepper motor, the wide output range means you can microdose WapoTec chemical with accuracy, or supply an olympic sized swimming pool with enough acid every day.

Programming of the dosing pump feed rates is performed via the intuitive AquaTouch+ touchscreen interface.

dinoDos Start Level BUS Pump: Product
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