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About Us

A Vision for Innovation:

We draw upon over 60 years of combined experience to bring proven, industry leading technologies and services from around the globe to any commercial aquatic facility.  No problem is too big or too small - from water chemistry questions to complete mechanical renovations.  Substantially improving your water and air quality is our goal, and can often be done whilst both simplifying your operations and reducing your long term operating costs.



Grab bars ladder in the blue swimming po


Prices effective while supplies last


FlexiRing Ribbed Diving Ring

Model DK3:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

    These highly durable flexible rings are great for a variety of tossing games.  They are also weighted and can be used in pools for diving and retrieval.  6" diameter, flexible and durable vinyl construction


    DuroPro M16 Deluxe Net

    20″ x 10″ frame w/16″ pocket

    The pocket stays are sewn into the pocket to create a large opening for skimming, yet closes when pulled straight back. Using the Maxi Series like a brush on the bottom of a pool makes cleaning even the dirtiest of pools a snap! By keeping the pocket open, emptying this rake is easier. The leafing edge of the Maxi series is replaceable and can be done while at the pool.


    SkimLite S8C

    Square Skimmer 8"

    In 1954, Skimlite combined the strength of 304 stainless steel and plated spring steel fabricated to a solid handle to create the first light weight skimmer for the swimming pool Industry. These original leaf skimmers and rakes are made to provide many years of use for the commercial pool application or homeowner.


    WaterWay 6402310V

    8" VGBA compliant suction outlet cover

    The Waterway 6402310V is a fully compatible replacement drain cover that is VGB compliant, anti-vortex and 8” in size. This Waterway drain cover and grate comes in white and meets all OEM standards and specifications.


    WaterWay 6404790V

    9' x 9' Grate and Frame

    The Waterway 6404790V is a fully compatible replacement drain cover that is VGB compliant, anti-vortex and 9” square in size. This Waterway drain grate and frame comes in white and meets all OEM standards and specifications.


    SkimLite 8016

    8'-16' Two piece telescoping pole

    Created for customers needing fiberglass tubing. This American made pole providers all of the benefits of a nonmetal pole, such as not conducting electricity or hot and cold temperatures.


    SkimLite 6016

    8'-16' Two piece telescoping pole

    The SnapLite™ series is quickly becoming one of Skimlite’s most popular poles. The lock is similar to what has been utilized as the primary locking mechanism in the painting industry for years. With a simple push of a button you can slide and lock your pole to your desired length. All Snaplite™ poles have a unique decagon shape to them which keeps the pole from rotating and provides ultra-smooth sliding.


    SkimLite 3008

    8'-16' Two piece telescoping pole

    All Eliptilocks utilize an out of round internal tube that simply locks when turned against the outside tube. This lock is a quick on and off lock ideal for jobs that need to be done fast. You will not be disappointed with this industry favorite.


    SkimLite 1008

    8'-16' Telescoping pole w/ Eliptilock

    A homeowner option that utilizes the same locking mechanism that many pool professionals use on a daily basis. All homeowner poles are thinner and lighter than service poles, but still have the high quality 100% USA made materials. This line was made for the homeowners who are looking for better equipment and are sick of the junk typically sold at box stores.


    Innovative Technologies

    With our unique technologies, you can:





    Make your own Sodium Hypochlorite




    Swimming pool from underwater.jpg

    Lessen Harmful Byproducts

    Unprecedented Automation Precision

    Clarity,  Safety,  Quality


    Everything You Need

    With our vast array of products on offer, you can:



    Traditional Test Kits, Modern PhotoMetric Test Kits


    Sanitizers, Adjusters, Specialties


    Toys, Games, Exercise


    Flow, Pressure, Turbidity, Temperature



    Racing Lanes, Starting Blocks, Accessories


    Guard Chairs, Rescue Tubes, Safety Equipment


    PVC Fittings, Paint, Circulation


    Vacuums, Cleaning agents, Accessories


    We do Projects!

    Take your facility to the next level

    Whether you simply need a new pump or an entire new mechanical room, we can help you get the best water and air quality possible at your facility.  Working with over 250 different vendors across North America and Europe allows us to supply you with the best solutions in the commercial aquatic industry.

    ECY Filter Final.jpg

    Mechanical Renovation

    Aging steel sand filters were replaced with state of the art WapoTec® deep bed sand filters to maximize the benefit of the WapoTec® system.   The filter location was moved to better facilitate operations.  New heat exchangers and new sectional surge tank installed along with various instrumentation and controls.


    The University of Calgary Aquatic Centre has been thrilled with the exemplary customer service that Pinnacle Aquatic consistently achieves.  Be it a phone call or a site visit, they are able to respond to our inquiry’s quickly, and with our facilities best interest in mind.  We’ve recently purchased a new controller, they had been monitoring our readings remotely (in the early days), and they had often tweaked the program before we noticed a problem.  I can only say positive things about the dedication to quality, in the products and the service that Pinnacle Aquatics provides on a consistent basis.  

    D. MacDonald
    Aquatic Manager - University of Calgary


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