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dinotec AquaTouch+

Precise control at your fingertips

The fully compensated PPM control algorithm in the Aquatouch+ is unique to dinotec controllers.   This means less frequent calibrations, and also a much simpler calibration procedure.   It's as simple as entering the desired value and pressing a button. No waiting for a zero point and no requirement to adjust the flow to a certain rate.

The modular design means when a failure does happen - since all relays do eventually fail - there is very little downtime and only the affected pool is offline temporarily.  Switching a relay module takes only moments!  No dismounting the controller, no dismantling, no soldering and definitely no shipping the unit off for service.

dinoRemote remote access means you have full access and control to your system(s) from any device with internet access.   It also gives us the ability to provide online support and training which reduces service call times and saves you money.

dinotec AquaTouch+: Products

What's inside?


Each pool has it's own set of modules that can be installed or removed in moments.   Extra features, or bodies of water can be added at any time.   Budget won't allow for a 3 pool controller?  Simply install a one or two pool unit, and upgrade any time.


Multi-pool Multi-pump remote flow cell

Build the combination that works best for your facility.   Since the design is modular, remote mounting of flow cells is also possible.   In addition to sanitizer and pH feeds, utilize up to 5 additional dosing pumps.   For example: slowly feed a sodium bicarbonate slurry or an algaecide... or control WapoTec directly.

Full remote access and control


Log in with any device and make changes, control your pumps or make adjustments.   Monitor your water from an office.   Get notifications via email for the conditions you chose, after the condition has existed for the time length you chose.

dinotec AquaTouch+: Services
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