With outputs ranging from 6g/h all the way to 8500g/h, there is a Hyprolyser model perfect for your facility.

Why Use Electrochlorination?

Using salt as the raw material to generate your own hypochlorite offers several advantages. Salt is a widely available commodity used in many commercial and industrial settings and is competitively priced. Compared to commercial chemicals often used in water disinfection, salt is safe, easy to store, has an infinite shelf life and requires minimal packaging which can be easily recycled. 

Using only salt, water and electricity, Hyprolyser® systems efficiently generate a supply of  sodium hypochlorite <1% which is below the threshold for classification as a hazardous substance. The hypochlorite solution is transferred to a product tank ready for use with standard dosing pumps or, optionally, injected directly into the pool circulation line.

This is a high quality product manufactured in the UK by Gaffey Technical Services Ltd. and is available through approved installation & service agents only.



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