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dinotec Automation

Both tiers offer the best PPM control on the market, with remote access and control

This is a high quality product manufactured in Germany by dinotec GmbH and is available through approved installation & service agents only.

dinotec Automation: Products

dinoDos Start Level BUS Pump

Output: 0.015l/h-11l/h (0.1usgpd-70usgpd) @ 1.4bar (20.3psi)

Direct interface with AquaTouch+ via +24VDC + data
Simple parastaltic tube replacment
Tube failure detection
Enhanced proportional feed

dinotec PC Dynamics


Flow, Temperature, pH compensated PPM control
Remote access & alerts (WiFi Req'd)

dinotec AquaTouch+


Flow, Temp, pH compensated PPM control
Intuitive color touch screen operation
Fully modular
Control up to 3 Pools
Remote access & alerts (Ethernet Req'd)
Direct control of dinoDos BUS pumps
Multi level user access & tracking

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